Coming off his critically acclaimed, award winning debut album Yellow and the self reflective and reminiscent Never Grow Up EP, Shane Eagle takes a more global approach on his debut mixtape Dark Moon Flower.

“It is a bridge between two worlds, it shows that there is no measurable level to what you can achieve, just cause of where you are from” – Shane Eagle

Displaying his signature lyricism over textured production, Eagle explores love, grief and growth alongside theMIND, Bas, lute, Kota the Friend, J-Tek, Santi, Caleborate & The Hics – and even trading bars with Nasty C on “PARIS” while exploring new sounds with patrickxxlee on “Evolve”.

Although delivered as a mixtape, the 23 track offering is built around themes that speak directly to his recent life experiences.

“Dark Moon Flower is the next part of my journey, it’s a part of the story, there is 23 songs on the project, each representing a year of my life, each song represents a stage of evolution and what I had to do to get to this point.” – Shane Eagle

The concept of light not being able to live without the darkness is one which is explored throughout the body of work, from a production and content perspective, we are introduced into the world that Eagle has created for his fans to find their zen and identify their power.

“Instead of letting my experiences become my downfall, I kind of use them as my strength. The things that were supposed to derail me actually gave me direction, telling my story and putting the truth into my music is what has gotten me to this point.” – Shane Eagle

Dark Moon Flower was released on the 16th October 2019 and is available on all digital stores worldwide.