After recording for over a year and a half and pushing himself to spaces that no HipHop artist has dared to go in Africa, Shane Eagle has finally delivered his long awaited debut album.

The album comes with a track list full of new music, which is a clear indication of his approach to creating an album being one of a conceptual nature, from beginning to the end of the album you can hear Shane’s story, growth, challenges, trails and triumphs. The album sounds like a well put together piece of art and not just a track list of “radio singles”.

South African hiphop has grown over the last 5 years, there is no doubt about that. However, the industry is still young and will be going through various developments in the coming years. “Yellow” has just added a new dimension to South African hiphop, a dimension that has never been visited by any artist on the continent.

By dropping an album of this nature Shane Eagle has opened the doors to a realm of hiphop that wont only change the way South African hiphop fans consume music but will definitely solidify Shane Eagle as the leader in the world of African hiphop.

If you haven’t listened to Yellow, you can purchase it or stream it right here:


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